2018 SeaVet Course Registration Opens Today!

I’ve been lucky enough to attend this course through the George Alexander Fellowship granted by the International Specialised Skills Institute. I had an excellent time learning so many things about aquatic veterinary medicine.

For pictures of my experiences, follow this link – http://www.tinyurl.com/seavet

It’s pretty much, aquatic veterinary medicine dealing with display and wild, bony fish, rays, sharks, sea turtles, penguins, pinnipeds, cetaceans and manatees; their behaviour, husbandry, diseases, diagnosis, medicine, rehabilitation and strandings.

For more information, go to –


From the official website:

SeaVet Clinical Training is an intensive nine day course designed to teach veterinary medical students and veterinarians through didactic lecture, case-based problem-solving and practical experience.

The program also features an educational and interactive hands-on training.

This is a three credit professional class through the University of Florida. Academic credit will only be granted to UF veterinary students.

Continuing education credits may be earned by veterinarians. This course has a maximum of 25 allowed by the state of Florida. If requested, a form will be provided at start of the course to keep track of your hours. If you are not in Florida, your state has the right to refuse the credits. However, the University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine is accredited with NAVC and out-of-state veterinarians have not been denied credits after attending past SeaVet courses.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: This course is being offered exclusively for Veterinary Students and Licensed Veterinarians. Registrations will not be accepted otherwise.


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