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Doctor Richmond Loh is a Certified Aquatic Veterinarian and Fish Pathologist, provides expert advice on how to cure your sick fish, from a goldfish with bloat, to a cichlid with Hexamita, fish with cloudy eye infections, or parasites like white spot disease, gill flukes, parasitic worms – our goal is to provide videos that help you cure your sick fish.

Dr Loh is a Past-President of the World Aquatic Veterinary Medical Association, and continues to help the veterinary and para-professional communities by serving as WAVMA Webinar co-ordinator/moderator and WAVMA Executive Board Member. He is also an Adjunct Lecturer at Murdoch University and provides advice on fish health and welfare to various universities & the RSPCA.

Dr Loh has published books and videos to help fellow veterinarians and fish owners, for the betterment of fish welfare globally:

“Fish Vetting Essentials” (book)
“Fish Vetting Medicines – Formulary of Fish Treatments” (book)
“Fish Vetting Techniques & Practical Tips" (DVD)

Those are available from – http://thefishvet.com.au/shop/shopping.html


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