Aquaculture Biosecurity Training Workshop and World Aquaculture Conference

Participate in 4 Days of Aquaculture Biosecurity Programs for Producers, Government Officials & Veterinarians

in association with the
World Aquaculture Conference | Cape Town, South Africa
June 26-30 & July 1-2, 2017

Consider registering to participate in a 2-day hands-on training workshop to learn how to prevent, control and eradicate infectious diseases on any Epidemiological Unit (such as an aquaculture operation), and meet International (OIE) Standards, and any regulatory requirements.

Facilitated by leading international experts, this Workshop will build on and supplement concepts presented during the World Aquaculture Conference, Aquaculture Biosecurity Special Session and will cover disease risks, diagnostics, surveillance, contingency plans, disease-freedom certification, and a number of other issues that necessary to develop and implement effective aquaculture biosecurity programs.

Participation in the World Aquaculture Conference, Aquaculture Biosecurity Special Session (June 29-30), and Workshop (July 1-2) require separate registration (see below).
Participation in the Workshop is limited to the first 100 delegates that register.

Aquaculture Biosecurity Training Workshop (July 1-2, 2017)
This 2-day Workshop will consist of a full day for teams of 8-10 delegates, comprising of producers, government officials and veterinarian/para-veterinary professionals, to collaborate on developing optimal biosecurity procedures for any aquaculture operation, and a second day on a real working aquaculture farm, for teams to evaluate if, or how the farm meets optimal biosecurity requirements.

All participants will be provided with workbooks that outlines each step for developing and implementing an aquaculture biosecurity plan, and full copies of the OIE Aquatic Code and Manual and other reference materials and software needed during the Workshop. Delegates will need to provide their own laptop computers.

Cost (US$250) for participating in the workshop includes a workbook and other materials, lunch and snacks/drinks during breaks, and transportation to and from the Cape Town International Conference Center and the fish farm.

Please Note:
** Workshop registration will close after 100 delegates have registered, or May 30, which ever occurs first.
** Discounted hotel reservations are available for delegates wanting accommodation through July 4(see below for details).
** A full schedule for the Aquaculture Biosecurity Special Session and Workshop should be available on or about May 15, 2017.

Click Here to Register for the Biosecurity Workshop
Discounted Hotel Reservations are offered by Grosvenor Tours to accommodate Workshop delegates (until July 4, 2017). These & transportation to/from the Cape Town International Airport can be booked on-line (click here), or contact:
Grosvenor Tours
17 Chiappini Street, Chiappini Square, Cape Town 8001, South Africa
Delegates residing in Africa attending the World Aquaculture Conference
(June 26-30) will receive a reduced reistration rate. When you register, by entering the African country where you reside will automatically generate the reduced registration rate.

Delegates wanting to attend the IAVBC Aquaculture Biosecurity Workshop (July 1-2) requires a separate registration.

Please note the WAS, IAVBC, ASSA, or any of the collaborating organizations are unable to subsidize delegate’s travel, registration or other expenses.

Click Here to Register for the Biosecurity Workshop
Click Here to Register for the World Aquaculture Conference
For additional information about the
IAVBC Biosecurity Special Session at the World Aquaculture Conference
(June 29-30, 2017)
IAVBC Aquaculture Biosecurity Training Workshop
(July 1-2, 2017)

contact IAVBC

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