Fish Jokes for Monday-itis: fish mottos to live by (fw)

For feshwater fish…

Carp diem!

Have a FINtastic week! R <+>{


What are your thoughts on Springdale’s annual goldfish swim?

Apparently, a thousand goldfish are put into a swimming pool for children to catch by hand, to take home as a pet.

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On 24 May 2019, Ms Angela Hall, after a three day trial in the Magistrates Court, was found guilty of performing acts of veterinary surgery on 11 occasions.”

What are acts of veterinary science?

An ‘act of veterinary science’ means services which form part of the practice of veterinary surgery and medicine, and includes:

  • the diagnostic confirmation of, treatment of, and provision of management advice for infectious disease, physiological dysfunction, psychological dysfunction and injury in animals;
  • performing invasive or surgical procedures on animals;
  • administering anaesthetics to animals;
  • the exercise of prescribing rights for veterinary chemicals, medicines or poisons which may be restricted by scheduling or registered label; and
  • the provision of veterinary certificates.

A formal degree in veterinary science, registrable within Australia, is the minimum acceptable knowledge base and skill set necessary to perform acts of veterinary science competently (source:

So anyone who is not a registered veterinarian, are not allowed to make diagnoses, perform surgery, anaesthetise fish or treat them.

Those who do, are unlawfully doing so. In some states, the first offence attracts a fine of $10,000; and subsequent offences carry fines of $20,000.

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Rogue Bettas in Darwin – Don’t dump that fish!

There are a number of aquatic species that have gone feral after introduction into the wild by aquarists, anglers and even by the government.

Not only can these species outcompete natives, and predate on them, they can also spread nasty diseases that can affect our primary industries.

In this day and age, we should know better. Heed the advice of, “Don’t dump that fish!”

Crocodiles might not be the only predator to worry about when you take the tinny out in the Top End.

The brightly coloured Siamese fighting fish, or betta, has gone rogue in the Adelaide River and floodplains near Darwin..

Breeding by the thousands, the fish have reverted back to their most natural territorial form, losing their bright ornamental fins and instead flaunting brown camouflage scales.

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