Have you ever considered being an “invasivore”? What is it?

There’s a new trend in cuisine, taking the world by storm. Heard of the green movement, organic produce and others? Well, this “invasivore” involves you eating invasive organisms.


What are invasive organisms? They are species that when introduced into a new environment, they establish and dominate and overtake the habitat. In doing so, they cause significant environmental damage. For the fish people, the most common problem species are the carp, tilapia, lionfish and the like.


This article on the new cullinary wave was shared by my friend and it has some great ideas! I wonder if Master Chef, Iron Chef, Jamie Oliver, Gordon Ramsay, etc. will adopt this in their cuisine.


When we decide something is pretty good to eat, we run right through it,” says Jackson Landers, a hunting educator and author of Eating Aliens. “There’s definitely precedent for human beings deciding to hunt something down in a systematic way, especially if we apply industrial harvesting methods.


Any economist will tell you, when you have a public resource, as long as policy does not limit the take,” it will be depleted.


Some other great quotes in the article include “For many fisheries people, you may not be considered a real scientist until you’ve eaten your study organism.


Read more here.


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