The Power of a Cow

What it means to be a veterinarian.

Seeing Practice

The phrase ‘But you’re not a real Doctor” is one that every veterinarian has no doubt heard within their career. I’m only a student, yet if I had a dollar for every time I’d heard it I’d probably be able to pay off my student loans!

What this question suggests is that there is something inherently more valuable about the role of a veterinarian in comparison to a human physician. You may be thinking right now ‘of course, a human’s life is more important than a dogs.’ On this point I would be forced to agree with you. If I had to choose between giving life saving medication to a small child or to a kitten, the child would win out every time, regardless of how cute the kitten was or how adorable its little tiny paws were. This scenario is a convincing one, however it fails to capture the…

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