My Worst Euthanasia

Life lessons never taught in the classroom. Thanks for the post.

Seeing Practice

I want to tell you about the time I killed a wombat. This story shares an account of the most difficult situation of my student career thus far. It contains graphic content so PLEASE DO NOT read further if you find animal welfare or euthanasia distressing beyond your control. I found it distressing to experience and also write so I hope that those of you who read this find it meaningful.

The story starts with me driving along a country road by myself through a part of New South Wales that had been recently affected by a small bushfire. And as Australian bushland does, it looked about as alive as it had ever been; small green shoots of succulent grass were protruding from charred clumps where tussocks once stood standing a metre tall, new shoots of eucalyptus eager to recover from their charred and blackened trunks. It’s a view of…

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