Dr Loh’s planning his trips for 2014.

In case you’d like to catch me at a conference, I’m planning several trips around the place.

Feb 5: Sydney Australia & New Zealand Zebrafish Husbandry Workshop


Topics I’ll be presenting:

26-29 July: DenverAmerican Veterinary Medical Association’s Annual Convention


Topics I’ll be presenting:

  • The Fish Vet’s pharmacy: What an aquatic veterinarian needs and what for?
  • Treatment protocols for infectious diseases: The art behind the choice of drugs and method of administration.
  • Case study: Who am I? A run through of fish pathogens providing a series of clues before arriving at the diagnosis.
  • There will also be a wet workshop where I’ll be part of the demonstration crew – diagnostic and necropsy procedures.

28-30 November: Singapore – Federation of Asian Veterinary Associations Congress


Topics I’ll be presenting:

  • Clinical signs of fish disease and routine diagnostic procedures.
  • Common fish parasites – diagnostic features of parasites on microscopy and treatment options.
  • We are planning a workshop where I’ll demonstrate diagnostic procedures, common surgical procedures and more.

jet setting

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