Fish Vetting Techniques and Practical Tips – instructional DVD: Fish Vetting Secrets revealed!

There is no better way to teach or learn, than to show, or be shown.

FISH VETTING TECHNIQUES & PRACTICAL TIPS reveals the best ways to treat any type of fish.

This DVD is the most valuable resource for all fish vets, aquarists, fish shop owners, vet schools and zoos – so buy it now!

All your questions about veterinary procedures on treating all fish types are answered in this DVD.

Experienced Australian fish vet Dr Richmond Loh takes you on an absorbing journey into the world of fish vetting: learn how to take skin mucus scrapes and blood samples, inject fish, videos of live microscopic fish pathogens and more… That’s right, I’m giving away all my secrets so that fish clients can have greater access to trained aquatic veterinarians no matter where they are in the world.

Don’t wait! Order a copy of Fish Vetting Techniques & Practical Tips.

Buy a copy now – soon you will be able to treat any fish with full confidence!

This DVD is ideal for fish veterinarians, aquarists, aquaculturalists, public aquaria, local fish shops and to have handy as a training resource in veterinary schools, laboratories, clinics and zoos. It is a comprehensive resource that incorporates aquatic medicine and pathology.

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Available in two formats: PAL & NTSC (please select the correct item when making your purchase).


In this series are the following books:

  • Fish Vetting Essentials.
  • Fish Vetting Medicines – Formulary of Fish Treatments.

Dr Richmond Loh (BSc, BVMS, MPhil, MANZCVS, CertAqV) is the 2014 President of the World Aquatic Veterinary Medical Association (WAVMA), Secretary of The Aquatic Animal Health Chapter of the Australian & New Zealand College of Veterinary Scientists (ANZCVS), an adjunct lecturer at Murdoch University in Western Australia, an eHow Pets Expert and is a George Alexander Foundation International Fellow. His skill set is unique, having been admitted as a Member of the Australian & New Zealand College of Veterinary Scientists (ANZCVS) by examination in the subjects of “Aquatic Animal Health” and in “Pathobiology”. As “The Fish Vet”, he provides veterinary services for a range of clients and they include individual pet fish owners, public aquaria (Aquarium of Western Australia), retailers, wholesalers, fish farmers (ornamental and food fish) and educational institutions (Murdoch University, Edith Cowan University & University of Western Australia).


One thought on “Fish Vetting Techniques and Practical Tips – instructional DVD: Fish Vetting Secrets revealed!

  1. Some FAQs regarding this DVD.

    Q: Do you have a sample chapter available online? I’d like to see the quality and what I’d be getting.

    A: I have some videos on my website’s video page to show you the sorts of ways I cover content. The videos are shot in HD, some in the lab, office or in the field. These were edited on Mac’s iMovie and then shared to iDVD. This means that the movies’ picture quality will be better than youtube.

    Q: How applicable for seahorses is this video? For example, you can’t do a gill biopsy (can you?) in seahorses because of the covered gill plates. Also, I’ve struggled with performing necropsies in the past due to the exoskeleton. However, I’m a novice and was basing it off youtube videos for other species, so I might have just been doing it wrong.

    A: Gill biopsies are not normally done on live seahorses. A gill flush may be more appropriate. There are many other techniques and knowledge that are transferable to seahorses and other aquatic creatures.

    Q: How long it takes to get to the US?

    A: Shipping to the USA normally takes about two weeks from despatch.


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