Fish Vetting Series Updates.

It has been said that material published in textbooks are 10-years-old and that the information published in journals are one-year-old. The web might be the only place where we can remain current and be at the forefront of knowledge.

So, this is why I’ve created this post. The material in this post is to provide updates for purchasers of the Fish Vetting series of educational material.

These are truly investments that keep on giving. Make sure you save a link to this page/post and check it regularly.

If you don’t already have a copy of these brilliant publications, get yours now at TheFishVet’s site

Doctor Loh brings theory down to Earth and provides a practical approach to fish vetting with his series of publications.

I’ve simplified the link to something you can remember –


Fish Vetting Essentials (2011):


Fish Vetting Medicines – Formulary of Fish Treatments (2012):

Land the catch of the day!

Fish Vetting Techniques and Practical Tips DVD (2014):

  • Water quality testing See link
  • Stages of fish anesthesia See link
  • Setting up an anesthetic circuit for fish See link
  • Cleaning and disinfecting equipment with Virkon – See link
  • Treatment of uncomplicated skin ulcers See link


Additional information for aspiring fish veterinarians:


Visit TheFishVet featuring in The Fish Doctor’s Youtube Channel for more useful videos.


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