Fish Histopathology Workshop 2022 UTas

The University of Tasmania, Institute of Marine and Antarctic Studies at Launceston, is offering the following workshops:

A one day Introduction to Fish Histology will be arranged on Tuesday 15 November 2022 to provide background for fish histology and histology methods. Quantification of pathological changes and image analysis will be discussed. This workshop is taught by Professor Barbara Nowak (cost $400 including GST).

Fish Histopathology – 16-18 November 2022
Fee: $1200 (GST inclusive)
Laboratory style (limit 12) – conference microscopes and teaching software

This workshop covers histology and histopathology of all fish organs, focusing on commercially important species. Participants are encouraged to bring their own material for discussion. A range of educational materials for further study will be presented.

The course is taught by Dr Judy Handlinger, Dr Graeme Knowles, Dr Brian Jones, Dr Mark Adams and Professor Barbara Nowak. Small (4 participants) groups ensure teaching addresses the level of individual experience. The course caters for everyone: from beginners to advanced.

For further information and to register please contact Barbara Nowak


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