Fish Jokes for Monday-itis: workplace

Q: Where does The Fish Vet go to work?

A: At the offish!

With thanks to KD.

Have a FINtastic week! R <+>{

One thought on “Fish Jokes for Monday-itis: workplace

  1. Hi Dr. Richmond Loh, im Michael. I live in Indonesia. Im trying to contact you but i dont get any chance. Please help me! Im currently have an emergency situation with my freshwater stingray (classic leopoldi). He refusing food and its been 14 days. He looks normal and active. But From what i saw his movement and mouth area, maybe there is something inside his mouth. He looks starving but refusing to eat. I Want to ask about the anesthesia for my stingray, I want to check inside his mouth and tube feed him. What do you use for the anesthesia for freshwater stingray? Please


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