TeleVetMed by The Fish Vet

In our current situation with COVID-19 (Coronavirus) and the restrictions placed upon travel, gatherings and public interactions (i.e. social distancing and isolation), we at The Fish Vet are taking a different approach to helping our fishy clients care for their pet fish through TeleVetMed.

What is TeleVetMed?

TeleVetMed is an appointment on phone, email or video, and you’ll speak to us by regular phone, or by using WhatsApp or Skype.

Many fish health issues can be solved through TeleVetMed and it’s a great pre-screener to touch base with your veterinary practitioner. Sometimes, the practitioner will need to see you in person or for a follow up appointment, or provide you with the next steps.

If you’re in Australia, The Fish Vet’s team can also offer you TeleVetMed.

TeleVetMed appointments are chargeable in 15 minute blocks.

To book an appointment, please send a SMS to 0421 822 383, with your • name, • email address and • preferred times for us to contact you. We will then email you instructions.

Dr Loh hanging by the phone, for your call.

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