How much does a fish veterinarian charge?

You’ll be surprised to know how much we charge as fish veterinarians. While some might shirk at the cost, many clients are ever so grateful for the service and surprised it didn’t cost them as much as they’d thought.

See the link to an article my colleague has prepared. It details what it takes to be a fish veterinarian, compared to a veterinarian in general practice –


2 thoughts on “How much does a fish veterinarian charge?

  1. Hi, I used to see vet Jim Greenwood in Canterbury (1999/2001), he used to prescribe Ivermec (which was a sheep dip used at a rate of 0.05 of a ml per 20 litres) which I used to kill worms in Discus fish. Do you know of this product and is it still used today? I’ve just got back into Discus again and wanted ro know if this product or something similar is available?


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