Basic FISH Medicine course for veterinarians.

The lectures for this course will be presented in an audio format using a webinar platform.

Register here


5 thoughts on “Basic FISH Medicine course for veterinarians.

  1. Hi Dr Loh, I run Vetanswers , an online community for the veterinary industry. One of our most popular member resources is our online What’s on? Veterinary CPD Calendar and I would like to add in your online Basic FISH Medicine Course for Veterinarians. I was wanting to find out a little more about the online course to add to the listing but when I clicked on the ‘Register Here’ link at the bottom of the web page it doesn’t lead anywhere – it just opens up an image of a ‘register here’ button. If you could send me the correct link that would be great. Thank you Regards, Judy
    Judy Gillespie
    Vetanswers…Your online veterinary community
    m: 0407674707
    a: Suite 166/51 Locked Bag 1
    Robina Town Centre Q 4230
    w: e:
    Veterinarian | Vet Nurse | Practice Owner or Manager…everyone is welcome & membership is FREE


  2. I would be glad if I would be given the opportunity to attend the online training


  3. Fish medicine is what I always want study understand fully and master it, I would be glad if the opportunity given to other subordinates would equally be given to me


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