Does your fish food contain RAM?

What is R.A.M.?
It stands for ‘

It stands for ‘restricted animal material’. It means that a component of the food contains on or a combination of mammalian meat and bone, blood, poultry offal and/or feather meals.

You can tell this is so, because such feeds contain the label “not for ruminant consumption”.

Does this make your fish food an inferior quality? Well, there has been a growing amount of research done in the field of feed substitution – i.e. use of cheaper protein sources as alternatives to fish meal and crustacean meal.

Traditionally, we’d say that the most appropriate diet for your fish is their natural diet of fish and invertebrates (since most of the fish we grow are carnivorous to omnivorous).

The ruminant feed ban helps keep Australia free of bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE or mad cow disease), which supports Australia’s livestock industries to trade internationally and helps maintain human health in Australia.
For more information, see

For more information, see


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