Rescuing fish that’s jumped out of the water

Have you ever had fish jump out of your aquarium or pond? What do you do to rescue it?

Fish can jump out of their tanks for many reasons – chased (e.g. getting away from predators or bully fish), escaping toxic water (e.g. when the tap is left on while refilling a pond, causing high levels of chlorine to accumulate), or newly introduced (e.g. rainbow trout into new aquaponics systems, and trying “to go upstream”).

Well, if you’re lucky enough to find your fish alive, you’d first need to rehydrate the fish (dunk yhem back in water), irrigate their gills to allow them to breathe (hold them under a waterfall, move them through the water, or stick a gentle water pump in their mouth), and wash off the muck from their skin surface. If your fish resumes breathing, then we have a good chance of recovery.

But what next? Will your fish survive the next 24 hours, or the next week?

Has your fish sustained serious injuries to their skin, fins, gills or underlying musculature, from being out of water? Damage from dessication can be likened to third degree burns.

In our latest video, we show you how you can help save your fish that’s just jumped out of the water – WATCH & SUBSCRIBE –


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