What do you call a group of mermaids?

That’s an interesting question. Merpeople are thought of as half fish, half human.

If mermaids were fish, a group of them would be called a school.

If they were classed as humans, they’d be called a tribe.

But perhaps they’re sea mammals, similar to dolphins, where a group of them are called pods.

Manatees are, after all, what sailors once mistook as mermaids. As such it would make sense to call them similar to a group of manatees – an aggregation.

But if they were Australian, they’d be dugongs. And so, a group of a dugongs is called a herd.

So, what do you think a group of Merpeople are called?

Let’s count your votes.

1. Herd.

2. Aggregate.

3. Pod.

4. School.

5. Tribe.


2 thoughts on “What do you call a group of mermaids?

  1. I think an Aggregate or Agregation is quite suitable. I have looked through several other website and of course, you get the sillies which provide no answers on the ground that they don’t exist. Firstly the ocean is vast and many species of creatures exist that we have neither seen nor have names for them, I am not saying that they exist in real life BUT they do exist in literature and therefore should also be identified by literaries.


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