What do you call a group of mermaids?

That’s an interesting question. Merpeople are thought of as half fish, half human.

If mermaids were fish, a group of them would be called a school.

If they were classed as humans, they’d be called a tribe.

But perhaps they’re sea mammals, similar to dolphins, where a group of them are called pods.

Manatees are, after all, what sailors once mistook as mermaids. As such it would make sense to call them similar to a group of manatees – an aggregation.

But if they were Australian, they’d be dugongs. And so, a group of a dugongs is called a herd.

So, what do you think a group of Merpeople are called?

Let’s count your votes.

1. Herd.

2. Aggregate.

3. Pod.

4. School.

5. Tribe.

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