Who do you get, when you call The Fish Vet?

Often clients remark, “You have so many letters after your name!”

And Dr Loh responds, “That’s because my surname is too short.”

“But Dr Richmond, what is L.o.h? How did you get it?”

“That, I got when I was born. It’s my surname!”

Dr Richmond Loh has had an illustrious career, working on all things fish, since 2002.

He’s not just a fish vet, but is THE FISH VET. So if you want fast results to cure your fish from any of the inumerable fish diseases, call The Fish Vet.

Dr Loh is now joined by colleagues across Australia, to help bring more aquatic veterinarians to be at your service.

Watch him at work – http://tinyurl.com/thefishdoctor

Follow him on http://Facebook.com/thefishvetdrloh

Official website – http://thefishvet.com.au

To virtually meet all his team members who are in Melbourne, Sydney and Canberra. Together, they have an integrated field and lab diagnostic team, to service Australia’s needs.


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