WAVMA conference 3 at St. Kitts

The World Aquatic Veterinary Medical Association’s Conference, held at St Kitts, has just come to an end.

I learnt a whole heap of new things from collegues from around the globe. I will be sharing these with my team Australia-wide, to consider different and perhaps improved ways of doing things in the plight to advance aquatic veterinary care.

I got to witness the enthusiasm of the veterinary students on aquatic animal health, at the largest WAVMA Student Chapter (kick-started by Dr Jenice Bell, now having had a few other successors including the two Courtney’s). They have all the backing of excellent student-centred lecturers (Drs Mark Freeman, Don Bergfeld and Michelle Dennis) plus the benefit of great facilities and tropical island at Ross University. With a strong focus on aquatics, it is becoming the go-to university for veterinarians who are wanting to pursue a career in this field.

To see what we got up to, check out the pictures at http://tinyurl.com/wavma-conf-stkitts


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