WAVMA Aquatic Medicine Wetlab Workshop – WSAVA 2018

WAVMA Wetlab at WSAVA was Wonderful

By Nick Saint-Erne

As part of the 43rd World Small Animal Veterinary Association Congress in Singapore, WAVMA sponsored an Aquatic Medicine Wetlab on Monday, September 24 prior to the start of the congress programs. Drs. Richmond Loh, Julius Tepper and Nick Saint-Erne presented the wetlab, held at the Temasek Polytechnic School, through the courtesy of Dr. Diana Chan, Head of the Centre for Aquaculture and Veterinary Science at the school.

The program started with check-in at 9:00 and lectures beginning at 10:00 and the lab continuing until 16:00. Over 20 veterinarians and students attended the wetlab. The wetlab provided lectures introducing each topic, then a demonstration of the technique, followed by participants doing the procedure themselves on koi fish from the centre’s Aquaculture facility.

The topics covered were:

Water Quality Testing – Nick Saint-Erne
Aquatic Systems and Filtration – Julius Tepper
Fish Anesthesia – Nick Saint-Erne
Fin, Gill and Skin Mucous Biopsies – Richmond Loh
Blood Sampling Techniques – Julius Tepper
Necropsy and Sample Collection – Richmond Loh

Following the wetlab, Dr. Chan provided us with a tour of the Aquaculture facility at the school, with its advanced holding tanks and filtration systems manufactured by Apollo Aquaculture Group, based in Singapore. The wetlab was very successful with lots of great interaction between the teachers and participants.

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