Advancements in Aquatic Veterinary One Health, Clinical Practice, Biosecurity & Education.

Unable to travel to St. Kitts and attend in person?
Why not register for remote, web-based access from your home base to participate in all session lectures – and still receive CEPD Credit!

Registration will allow you to participate in the following lectures through the web in real-time, or recorded lectures if you are unable to participat in real time:

** Session I (Keynote) – Friday, Nov 9 (08:00 – 10:00)
** Session II (Education) – Friday, Nov 9 (11:00 – 17:00)
** Session III (General Diseases/Diagnostics) – Friday, Nov 9 (11:00 – 17:00)
** Session III (Koi Health & Diseases) – Saturday, Nov 10 (08:00 – 17:00)

** Aquaculture Biosesurity – Sunday, Nov 11 (13:00 – 17:00)

Click here to view daily program and specific lectures.

Note: Session II & III are concurrent, but access to recorded lectures will be available.

Click here to register for web access, or to attend in person.


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