Fish Joke for Monday-itis: oysters

Patrick was a youthful and hardworking Irishman at a Coastal village in Ireland.

Daily he would pole a heavy old punt out to sea then work a heavy iron grapple to bring up the sand oysters

which he sold to the local ice works. He was a man of regular habits….he always arrived home each day at a certain time.

Sadly, Patrick did not realise the heavy grappling was taking a toll on a faulty heart.

One day he failed to come home, so his wife contacted the Police to investigate.

They rowed out and found Patrick dead in the punt beside him a huge grapple full of oysters he’d tried to hoist aboard.

Headlines next day in the ‘Irish Times Newspaper’ said…………………………………..

Wait for it!

Wait for it!


Have a FINtastic week! R <+>{


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