Check out the mortality rates in non-target species! Final report: Phase 3 of the carp herpesvirus project (CyHV-3) – PestSmart Connect

As veterinarians, we are fully aware of the species-specificity of herpesviruses.

BUT there are a few exceptions – the simian cercopithecine herpes B virus (which can infect monkeys and humans) and Aujeszky’s disease virus (which affects pigs and a wide range of other animals including cattle, sheep, goats, dogs, cats, mink, foxes, raccoons and rats). Malignant catarrhal fever is another herpesvirus that when it jumps from its natural sheep host to infect cattle, produces severe acute disease that is almost always fatal!

We know how the koi herpesvirus acts in its natural host [common carp (and koi)] – that it’s highly temperature-dependent, and that size matters (immature/small carp more susceptible at 70-90% mortality rate, compared to adults <30% mortality rate).

We’d like to know if the NCCP have checked whether these temperature and size factors could bear a similar susceptibility/resistance pattern for non-target species with commercial and recreational importance like the rainbow trout, silver perch and Murray cod.

We have seen from experiments published by the investigators in their reports 1 and 3 that these fish used in their experiments resulted in high mortalities.

The full report 3 can be downloaded from –
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