Aquatic Biosecurity Awareness Workshop

This workshop series will be facilitated by Dr Matt Landos, founding Director of Future Fisheries Veterinary Service. Matt has been in the aquatic and fisheries field for over 17 years and is well known and respected throughout the aquatic industry.

This forum is targeted towards the aquatic industries and will cover: What is biosecurity? What do some of the threats look like? Which activities should we worry about? Using risk assessments to prioritise efforts. What to do when we see a problem? Selecting the right specimen and preparing it for sending to the laboratory.

For those wanting to register there are some important things to note:

· Registration does not guarantee a place, as spaces are limited. All people who register will contacted closer to the workshop dates to inform them of the outcome and provide details of the venue.

· A limited number of sampling kits will be issued at the workshop and not all participants may receive one. Note – these kits are quite large, so if flying to the workshop you would be required to check them in as additional luggage on your return flight.

· The workshop will run for one day and is FREE, however catering will not be provided. The workshop locations will be near food (and coffee) venues that can be accessed by a short walk.

If you have any questions about the roadshow please contact Helen Jenkins from Animal Health Australia on 0477 744 637 or via email:

Animal Health Australia in conjunction with the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources, and facilitated by Dr Matt Landos, Future Fisheries Veterinary Service


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