Canadian Aquaculture Institute (UPEI), Aquatic Lab Animal Health, Husbandry and Medicine Workshops

Atlantic Veterinary College, University of Prince Edward Island Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada

The Introductory workshop (Health and Husbandry of Aquatic Laboratory Animals) will be held on Monday May 14 – Tuesday May 15, and the Advanced workshop (Advanced Aquatic Animal Care and Husbandry) on Wednesday May 16 – Thursday 17, 2018. Participants can register for one or both of the workshops, which will include both lectures and hands-on laboratories.

The Introductory workshop will include lectures on:

  • CCAC Guidlines,

  • Pain Assessment in Fish,

  • Fresh Water Systems,

  • Laboratory Based Biosecurity and Experimental Design,

  • Zebrafish/Aquarium Systems and

  • General Pathology of Laboratory Fish.

The laboratory will include:

  • Clinical Examination, Anaesthesia and Blood Sampling,

  • Water Quality Examination and Troubleshooting,

  • Aquatic Facility Design and

  • Fish Necropsy, Diagnostics and Sample Submission.

The Advanced workshop will include lectures on:

  • Salt Water System and Maintenance and Water Quality,

  • Small Fish Nutrition,

  • Artemia as a Feed Source,

  • Advanced Fish Pathology,

  • Aquatic Wildlife Research Methodology and

  • Field Based Biosecurity,

The laboratory will include:

  • Surgery in Fish,

  • Clinical Radiology and Ultrasonography of Fish,

  • Tank side Diagnostic Techniques and

  • Disease Treatment Methods in Laboratory Aquatic Systems.

Please register early as there are limited seats available. Registration deadline is March 1, 2018.

For further information and registration, please see

or contact Dr. Jonathan Spears (


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