How we can magic carp into salmon!

Here’s a “novel idea” for carp control. So far, there’s been a lot of discussions centering upon the “uselessness” of carp, that they’re not good for eating, and the best use of them is as fertiliser (Charlie Carp fertiliser available at Bunnings).

It’s long been known that aquaculture feeds are becoming increasingly expensive due to competitive use for artemia as larval fish feed, and fish meal (usually marine caught trash fish) being used for numerous aquacultured fish species. Several feed companies are now substituting fish meal with soy meal and the sort, however, these ingredients are also on the price rise, with so many competing uses for them.

Could we satisfy both carp control, and aquaculturist, if instead of eradicating carp, harvest them to turn into fish meal? This fish meal can be used as food for salmon, trout, barramundi, kingfish and many other farmed fish species. The list is endless!

Benefits I see:

1. Good starting point as fish feed since most of the nutrients are already in the fish, and would be high in omega-3 from the natural feeds available to them.

2. It’s “free”.

3. Turns “trash” into feed.

4. It’s sustainable.

5. Preserves Australia’s status as free of KHV (OIE-listed notifiable disease).

Let’s not waste our resources.

Let’s not waste Australia.

I invite your input and comments.


5 thoughts on “How we can magic carp into salmon!

  1. Carp are great for concentrating Mercury and Chlorinated Hydrocarbons. But that cuts them out for being the base protein of food fish. Read about the problem with trying to eradicate Utah Lake USA carp. The market is mink feed and fertilizer.


  2. Its the bones, those kid choking, hard to filet out Y shaped bones. Salmon only have a single sort of straight stay bones that technology has figured a way to automate their removal and Catfish and Tilapia none.
    Depuration tanks take a lot of water. Which may not be available a carp pond which could only be only habitable by Carp with no available water.
    Have you ever tried to seine a river?


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