The Fish Vet’s Services

The Fish Vet offers a comprehensive aquatic veterinary services in a range of locations across Australia.

Our aquatic veterinarians are based in Perth (WA), Sydney/Earlwood (NSW), Melbourne/Brunswick (Victoria) and Canberra (ACT).

The Fish Vet, a one-stop-shop: there is no duplication of work, and no loss of time or information between management and consultant.

Services offered through The Fish Vet include:

  • Diagnosis and treatment for diseases
  • Management advice
  • Health certification
  • Supply of veterinary resources
  • Education and research

We service the following sectors:

  • Pet ornamentals (e.g. home aquariums, pond, aquaponics)
  • Display aquaria (e.g. public aquariums and zoos)
  • Commercial ornamentals (e.g. ornamental fish farms, retailers, wholesalers, exporters)
  • Education (e.g. universities, researchers, hobby groups)




2 thoughts on “The Fish Vet’s Services

  1. Dr Loh, we don’t have any fish vet’s in Sweden. All they do is euthanization. Just take a look at my Blue Acara and tell me what’s wrong. PLEASE! Should we extract air from his swimbladder or what else could it be? He’s been like this for a month now. Swims vertically. Eats normally, always comes for food. Even though he can’t swim up. I hand feed him. His wife never leaves his side.


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