The largest team of aquatic veterinarians at your service.

The Fish Vet’s team is arguably the largest conglomerate of aquatic veterinarians in the southern hemisphere.

Together, we assist fish farmers to find correct diagnosis.

Our team has experience working overseas in Brazil, Scotland, Thailand, UAE, Singapore and Tasmania (so OK, the latter is part of Australia).

Our team of qualified veterinarians are committed to assisting farmers to find the causes of conditions that affect the health of their farmed fish and shrimp. A confirmed diagnosis helps to ensure correct management or treatment, and this in turn leads to increased profits for farmers.

We don’t just do fish.
We ONLY do fish.

We’ve registered Fish Veterinarians in Perth (WA), Melbourne/Brunswick (Victoria), and Sydney/Gosford (NSW); and Aquatic Animal Health Specialists in Townsville & Bribie Island (Qld). We can come to you.
If you’re not in these locations, you can still access our services from remote locations. Ask us how.

The Fish Vets can be contacted at or on +61 421 822 383 for all fish health related work.

Together, our team of aquatic veterinarians and fish health specialists services crustacea (prawns/shrimp), finfish aquaculture (salmonids, barramundi, silver perch, and more), molluscs (abalone, oysters), ornamental pet fishes (koi, goldfish, Cichlids, marines), public aquaria (sharks, rays, Syngnathids), educational institutions (zebrafish), and more.

DOWNLOAD the latest version here – TFV-Services-&-Fees-2017 (postal address updated 23/2/2017).


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