​What’s your fish obsession score?

You know you’re obsessed with fish when…

#1. You own at least two aquariums, two ponds and an aquaponics system, and countless numbers of fishes.
#2. All large pots and planter boxes are fair game for turning into a pond.
#3. You stare intensely in every drain, river, pond or lake for fish. 
#4. You tell your friends with swimming pools, “You should really make it into a fish pond.”
#5. When you wife (or partner) says you cannot have anymore fish tanks.
#6. You own so many aquatic plush toys. 
#7. You can recite every line in Finding Nemo. 
#8. You must visit the public aquarium in any city you travel to. 
#9. You can stay staring at fish for hours on end.
#10. You never come home empty-handed after visiting the fish shop.
#11. You love marvelling at the variety of fishes at the fish market.
#12. The song played at your wedding  is “Unda da sea”, and “Kiss da girl” (from The Little Mermaid). 
#13. Your friends tag you on ever social media post that has to do with fish. 
#14. You spend all your free time reading about fishes.
#15. You know scientific names of several fish species. 
#16. You light up with energy when the conversation is about fish.
#17. You’re frequently having to debunk the myth of fish having a three-second memory. 
#18. You get a job working with fish.
#19. Your presents you’re given are always fish-themed.
#20. You get The Fish Vet out to check on your fish!

I’m afraid I’m guilty on all counts 😛


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