I see fish parasites. But can you?

Here I share with you some line drawings of the approximate, relative sizes of microscopic parasites of freshwater fishes with a one millimetre scale bar (0.1 cm). 

Can you believe that some people claim to be able to diagnose these without running tests? It’s no wonder that fishes are getting sold cocktails of drugs that don’t work, and people lose hope as more and more fish die; and in their frustration, give up fishkeeping for life. 

Now I share with you, some comments by a fellow member from the fish fraternity:

[That’s the] massive problem with barack room pretend [fish doctors], unfortunately we have lots in the [fishkeeping] fraternity. Of course they all mean well but epitomise “the little knowledge is a dangerous thing” phrase, and a couple of these self-appointed idiot “experts”are especially problematic and not part of any meaningful solution IMHO.  The USA has worse problems as the availabilty of the medicines is much more prevalent. I’ve been banging on for years about the dangers of antibiotic abuse, largely on deaf ears I fear.

I doubt anyone can see these bugs that are a fraction of a millimetre in size! At The Fish Vet, we are all veterinary graduates, with aquatic experience. 
Know how to tell the difference between a qualified fish veterinarian, and a self-appointed “fish doctor.”


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