Biosecurity is everyone’s business!

Fishkeepers should never rely only on the sellers’ disease-controls to protect their fishes from the risk of fish diseases. Biosecurity is everyone’s business — fishkeepers should have suitable biosecurity measures in place to protect their resident fish populations.

This is particularly pertinent for koi keepers, if/when the killer-KHV becomes endemic. Tools are available through your fish veterinarian.


Biosecurity recommendations include:
+ Avoid mixing fish from unaffected and affected ponds (until a suitable vaccine is available in Australia)
+ Any koi keeper whose population has been affected by KHV should maintain strict biosecurity measures, including not selling koi or other species sharing the same water body and equipment, to unaffected ponds.
+ Introduce visitor restrictions to prevent spread of KHV.
+ Koi keepers in unaffected areas should maintain strict biosecurity measures including no fish introductions from KHV-affected populations, cleaning and disinfection of second-hand equipment, visitor restrictions, etc.

Aquatic veterinarians and fish pond/aquarium maintenance personnel should assess risks and take steps to prevent spread of KHV, especially if they see sick/dying koi.

Consult them early, and get a fish-health-plan.

Contact our team members at The Fish Vet if you have concerns.


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