Australia slammed for risking global food security by releasing KHV.

​This article mirrors what a lot of Australian scientists and veterinarians think and say, but powerless to exert any effect. Seems like there’s no stopping this train wreck.
We do not live in isolation. Despite the enormously stringent quarantine rules…

Question: How did the killer prawn WSSV come to create outbreaks in Australia? Read more of the devastating crustacean disease at this link.

Another question: How did the new strain of the killer rabbit haemorrhagic virus enter Australia?

And another: How did the tomato potato psyllid (link) come to cause havoc in Perth (Western Australia), the most isolated city in the world? 

If such disease can arrive our shores, how can we assure other countries that the KHV released in Australia, won’t mutate into more virulent strains, and then escape our country to kill carp and koi, where these fish are vital to people’s livelihoods? 
Read more of the article at this link.

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For more information and discussions on KHV, use the search field, or click on this link.


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