The dreaded KILLER VIRUS has arrived in Australia.

White spot disease, a highly contagious viral disease of prawns (and any other crustacea like crabs and lobsters), has been detected on a prawn farm in Logan River, south of Brisbane.

The source of the outbreak is unknown. One wonders whether it may be through imported contaminated prawn products, feed, or equipment.

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NO infection pathway/vector has been identified. At this stage the disease remains contained on farm and has not been found in wild fisheries.

Since this is a disease that’s exotic to Australia, there are very few experts with real-life experience on how to handle such a situation. Our Brazilian fish vet team member has firsthand experience at the control and prevention of this and several more exotic diseases such as:

1. WSSV – White spot syndrome virus
2. IMNV – Infectious myonecrosis virus
3. TSV – Taura syndrome virus
4. IHHNV – Infectious hypodermal and haematopoietic necrosis
5. NHP – Necrotising hepatopancreatitis (intracellular bacteria)
6. Gregarina (protozoan).

So, are you worried about the biosecurity on your farm?

Our dynamic team can help to prevent diseases on your valuable prawn farm and hatchery.

We can help with:

– Site visits;
– Biosecurity audits;
– Training;
– Laboratory testing;
– Extension;
– Medicines.

We are very “e-FISH-ent”!

At The Fish Vet, our team responds with rapid results for your needs. We are a complete team with veterinary expertise in the field, and in the diagnostic laboratory. We get you results in real time.

If it lives in water, choose the wetter vets!

The Fish Vet Team is located in Perth (WA) | Melbourne (Vic) | Sydney (NSW) | Townsville (Qld).

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Ph: +61 (0)421 822 383

Drs Richmond Loh, Giana Bastos Gomes, Alistair Brown, & Lucie Nedved.


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