Who is The Fish Vet?

Dr Richmond Loh, aka The Fish Vet (and sometimes The Fish Doctor), is a fish enthusiast, an aquatic veterinarian and a fish pathologist. He has kept fishes from his early years and continues to do so now, and into the future. His continued dedication to improving the health and welfare of fishes is exemplified by the course of studies he has undertaken and the countless hours of continuing education. He has been providing veterinary services to fish keepers, breeders, retailers, public aquaria, and farmers since 2002, starting in Tasmania. Now based in Perth, Western Australia, his reach is Australia-wide with The Fish Vet representatives in Melbourne, Sydney and Townsville.

Need professional health care for your fishes who is not just a so-called "doctor"? Then, call a real doctor, The Fish Vet.

Aquatic Veterinary Medical & Diagnostic Services.


Ph: +61 421 822 383


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