FREE Webinar on Humane Control of Birds at Aquaculture Sites – hosted by WAVMA.

Have you ever had problems with birds attacking or taking fish from your ponds? How about fear of birds bringing diseases to your ponds?

This is a perennial problem whether you’re a fish farmer, or a pond owner. Birds not only injure or take fish, they also pose a very biosecurity risk, with the potential to bring diseases, or spread diseases to, and between ponds.

Ducks, herons, pelicans, storks and more. How do we control these birds humanely?

The WAVMA have been fortunate enough to have Dr Podolsky speak to us about this.

Dr. Podolsky has 30 years of experience developing humane methods to keeping bird away from fish farms, orchards, skyscrapers, landfills, wind power facilities, and other places where they do damage or are themselves at risk. Dr. Podolsky’s training is in behavioral ecology and his approach to deterrence is two-prong: first, it entails simulating pest birds most feared predators such as falcons, eagles, fox and coyotes; and second, is to keep pest birds from landing on farms by forcing them into flight which is the most energetically expensive behavior. To accomplish this, he uses, decoys, drones, pyrotechnics, live predators and other safe harassment methods tailored to the crop and the location.

This presentation will cover why fish farms, hatcheries and other related aquatic facilities attract birds, that prey on fish & serve as vectors for disease. Safe and humane methods are therefore necessary to control birds and minimize exposure to disease. "Behavioral deterrence" using decoys, drones, pyrotechnics, live predators and other safe harassment methods tailored to the facilities and location will be emphasized, using examples of a diversity of deterrence that are targeted at numerous sensory channels, and deploying high intensity deterrence both day and night, prior bird arrival of pest birds, to keep them from landing in the first place.

See when it’s on, and register at this link –


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