Fish smarts! Be amazed! Or say, “I told you so!”

Here’s all the evidence you’ve been looking for, in one article that you can show all your friends who say fish aren’t smart.

Check out fish smarts, when we do real comparisons –

"When fishes outperform primates on a mental task, it is another reminder of how brain size, body size, presence of fur or scales, and evolutionary proximity to humans are wobbly criteria for gauging intelligence. They also illustrate the plurality and contextuality of intelligence, the fact that it is not one general property but rather a suite of abilities that may be expressed along different axes. One of the reasons that the concept of multiple intelligences is so appealing is that it helps explain how one person can be an excellent artist or an accomplished athlete yet do rather poorly at, say, mathematical or logical tasks. It diminishes the importance we have historically placed on ‘intelligence’ as defined by a selection of human abilities that’s too narrow even for our own species."

Jonathan Balcombe is the director of animal sentience at the Humane Society Institute for Science and Policy and the author of four books, including Second Nature and Pleasurable Kingdom.

Yours sincerely,

Dr Richmond Loh
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