Abalone necropsy (how to dissect abalone for laboratory testing).

Sometimes sending abalone to a distant laboratory may cause more stress to animals, causing artefactual changes that make it difficult for the veterinary pathologist to interpret. By learning how to take necessary samples on-site, it will allow the veterinary pathologist to get a more accurate picture of what stressors the abalone are under.

This video covers more than just shucking an abalone. It details the anatomy, and how to safely remove the abalone from its shell, draw haemolymph, and sample organs so they would be available for histopathology, Perkinsus testing and molecular testing (including abalone ganglioneuritis caused by herpesvirus).

This comes from years of experience working at the Mt Pleasant Laboratories, co-authoring the publication on the National Abalone Health Survey (J. Handlinger et al.).

Watch at – https://youtu.be/vnms4gXOKik

At The Fish Vet, we can provide your staff with hands-on training, organise sampling equipment for your farm, as well as provide you Diagnostic Services,  site veterinary visits, and biosecurity audits. 

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