SIX (6) movie mistakes in Finding Dory (sequel to Finding Nemo) – as spotted by The Fish Vet.

Dory does not really speak whale. Marlin should really be Marlene. Nemo is ageless?…

OK, so now I’ve seen the movie twice (can you blame a fish vet?). I thought it was very good for a sequel, with challenge after challenge; in the non-stop action-packed movie with twists and turns.

But, what are some things that I spotted that weren’t quite right?

  1. The movie is set to be 1-year later, however, Nemo has not aged a bit. He still has his baby voice and is still the same size.
  2. Marlin is still Marlin in this movie, when in fact, Marlin should actually be Marlene! Why? It is because clownfish are protandrous hermaphrodites. This means that when Coral (Nemo’s mum) was gone, the next largest clownfish in the colony which is Marlin (Nemo’s dad) would transform to female… and then life gets even more complicated… "Since Nemo is the only other clownfish around, he becomes a male and mates with his father (who is now a female). Should his father die, Nemo would change into a female and mate with another male. Although a much different storyline, it still sounds like a crazy adventure!" (Source link).
  3. The shells in the "Ocean" exhibit remained exposed, almost undisturbed on the sand, even though it had been several years since the departure of Dory and her parents from the tank. One vacuum of the substrate in any well-kept aquarium would see the shells scatter about.
  4. When baby Dory got flushed out of the main exhibit, it led straight to the outside/bay. But the adult Dory had a convoluted series of bends to negotiate.
  5. Dory DOES NOT SPEAK WHALE! Dory had Destiny as a pipe-pal. Destiny is not a whale, but is a whale shark (an elasmobranch, the world’s biggest fish). She is not a whale (mammal), but is a shark.
  6. Is Hank an octopus or a septopus? According to the comedy group "Axis of Awesome", having one leg less doesn’t make him any less of an octopus. In this age of political correctness, it would be frowned upon to treat Hank as any less. But luckily he has a lot of heart (3 in fact!).

Also, the movie makers may be trying to bring into the mainstream, an awareness about gender fluidity:

  • Did you notice there’s a Sting-Ray that’s becoming Sting-Rhonda? (source link).
  • There was also two women with a baby pushing a pram. Perhaps a tribute to Ellen DeGeneres who is the voice of Dory (source link).

Looks like everybody that is in the world is being represented in this movie. Good on Pixar and Disney 🙂

Overall, I’d give it a 4/5 score. I think the more you watch it, the better it gets because there are so many layers and subtleties that you may miss on the first watch.

If you notice other bloopers or have other revelations, please add your comments.

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10 thoughts on “SIX (6) movie mistakes in Finding Dory (sequel to Finding Nemo) – as spotted by The Fish Vet.

  1. whale sharks wouldn’t eat tangs so why was dory tossed into that tank from the feeder bucket???


  2. A major mistake is the highway exit signs when the truck leaves for Cleveland. The movie takes place in Morro Bay, which is on the CA coast way south of Monterey CA. But the highway signs are Gilman and Powell – which are both on highway #80 north of Berkeley CA (the San Francisco Bay area). The distance between Berkeley and Morro Bay is 229 miles. And you pass Gilman before Powell only if you are driving south.


  3. How about jumping between quarantine aquariums… that’s pretty horrible disease control!


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