Skin Diseases in Ornamental Fish – FREE Webinar by WAVMA

Join us on Tuesday 19 July, 2016 at 23:00 Perth time (15:00 GMT/UTC) for this free webinar.

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About this webinar: This presentation will cover the anatomy of the fish skin and how this relates to disease, and will highlight the main groups of skin diseases (parasites, bacteria, fungus and viral) in ornamental fish, and how to diagnose them. Other non-infectious processes that cause skin pathology will also be discussed, including possible treatments.

About the speaker: Dr Matt Metselaar received his veterinary degree from the University of Utrecht in Holland in 2007, and has extensive experience dealing with ornamental fish, and as a koi veterinarian for many years. Like many fish veterinarians, he is also a keen aquarist. He currently works for the Fish Vet Group focusing on minor food species such as trout, tilapia, yellow tail and seabass. More recently he has taken an active role in the R&D, with investigations leading to fish vaccines and treatments, as well as specific biocides used in aquatics.

This webinar is suitable for veterinarians, vet techs/nurses, vet students and veterinary practice staff.

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Register now (even if you cannot make the live event)!

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Dr Richmond Loh
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Mobile Aquatic Veterinary Medical & Diagnostic Services.
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