Early parasite detection research wins science award!

The Fish Vet’s team member, Giana Gomes, makes news!

Detecting disease in aquaculture is challenging. Fish cannot tell you when they are starting to feel unwell, even when they are seriously ill.

As a result, an outbreak of disease such as saltwater ich (also known as white spot disease) – caused by the ciliate protozoan parasite Cryptocaryon irritans – is often not detected until it is too late and infection has run rampant through a whole fish population. This is the challenge that veterinarian and PhD candidate Giana Bastos Gomes is hoping to meet. Her research recently won both the 2016 Minister and FRDC Science and Innovation Award for Young People in Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry.

Read more here – http://www.frdc.com.au/knowledge/publications/fish/Pages/24-2_articles/31_Early-parasite-detection.aspx

Yours sincerely,

Dr Richmond Loh
DipProjMgt, BSc, BVMS, MPhil (Pathology), MANZCVS (Aquatics& Pathobiology), CertAqV, NATA Signatory.

Aquatic Veterinarian & Veterinary Pathologist.

Aquatic Veterinary Medical & Diagnostic Services.
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