Don’t Miss Out on becoming a WAVMA for 2016 and beyond! Consider joining/renewing Now!

Dear Colleagues,

We want you to know that WAVMA has greatly expanded its programs, and we plan to improve these and develop more to help people like you boost your capacity to practice aquatic veterinarian medicine.

To see what you might have missed out on, either visit or look through the attached WAVMA brochure.

Renewal is easy; you still have a member profile. Simply click on administrators.

Whether or not you renew your membership, we’d love to know what you think about WAVMA’s current and future programs – please click on to give us your input in a brief (<5 min) survey.

With members from more than 69 countries, the opportunity to ensure the voice aquatic veterinarian’s is clearly heard is now assured. Renew your membership to ensure our collective efforts continue to have an impact!

Warmest regards,
Sharon R. Tiberio, DVM, CertAqV (Treasurer) 

WAVMA Brochure.pdf


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