Aquatic Biosecurity workshops in March & April, 2016 – Murdoch University, Western Australia, AUSTRALIA.

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This postgraduate unit will equip students with advanced knowledge in the discipline of aquatic biosecurity essential for developing policies involving biosecurity, protection of natural ecosystems and safeguarding aquaculture food production and aquatic livelihoods. Students will gain an understanding of complex interactions between infectious and non-infectious factors that impact aquatic animal health, human activities that impact aquatic biosecurity, and develop specialised technical skills via field visits to natural ecosystems, aquaculture facilities, processing plants for aquatic products, and laboratory sessions.

There will be two intensive 4-day workshops:

29th Mar – 01st Apr 2016 and
26th – 29th Apr 2016
These two intensive workshops will comprise of lectures, labs and field trips. These activities will be held at the lecture theatre (VBS3.023) and teaching laboratory (VBSEC3.107) in the Veterinary Biology Building, Murdoch University. The venue of field trips will be advised at the start of each workshop.

The first workshop is designed to give a background on diseases of aquatic organisms and impart practical skills in investigating aquatic disease outbreaks. Guest speakers will give a variety of lectures around aquatic biosecurity. These lectures will likely be given in the format of approximately 30-40 minute presentations, each followed by a 20-30 minute discussion forum. There will be ample opportunities to interact, ask questions and seek the opinions of presenters as well as other participants around the topic of Aquatic Biosecurity during the workshops.

The second workshop will be focused on current issues around aquatic biosecurity, such as the impact of invasive alien aquatic species, preserving the health of natural aquatic ecosystems and native fish from threats of increasing anthropogenic activities, the principles of assessing environmental impacts from aquaculture activities, biosecurity vs fish health management, translocation of aquatic disease and organisms, and the benefits of aquaculture zoning.

For more information, please see

Or download this document
BIO606 2016 Workshop programs.pdf

Please contact the unit coordinator, Dr Susan Gibson-Kueh at S.Kueh@murdoch., to lodge an expression of interests.

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