Monster trout!

I’ve been doing a little sightseeing in New Zealand, currently in Rotorua.

Heard an interesting frank presentation at the Rainbow Springs trout display.

The trout are actually a pest. They eat anything and everything in the rivers [including the native fish, frogs and invertebrates]. They live for about 7-10 years. However, the hybrid Tiger Trout (pictured) can live for decades because they are sterile.

The only reason they’re in our waters is because they’re a valuable sport fish. You can’t buy it in restaurants or in supermarkets. The only way you can get it is by buying a fishing licence and fish for them yourselves.”

“The early Europeans… did not see the price the native animals and plants were playing.”


There was no pretence on the nature of the beast. I’m all for farming domesticated animals like trout and salmon, however, I’m not sure about releasing feral animals into our waterways.

Tell us your thoughts.

Yours sincerely,

Dr Richmond Loh 

DipProjMgt, BSc, BVMS, MPhil (Pathology), MANZCVS (Aquatics& Pathobiology), CertAqV, NATA Signatory.
THE FISH VET, Perth, Western Australia, AUSTRALIA. 

Mobile Aquatic Veterinary Medical & Diagnostic Services.
Ph: +61 (0)421 822 383


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