Fluctuating temperatures! How to help your pond-fish fare during such whacky weather?

I’ve been in Melbourne the last few days and we’ve had some scorching hot weather, and some frosty cool weather in the same week! This is a reminder for me, that Melbourne has some “split personality” kind of weather.

For those who keep their pond fish in relatively shallow ponds, or in volumes smaller than 3-4000L, your fish could get stressed from equally fickle water temperatures.

Please read this blog on how to minimise stress in fish –


Yours sincerely,

Dr Richmond Loh 

DipProjMgt, BSc, BVMS, MPhil (Pathology), MANZCVS (Aquatics& Pathobiology), CertAqV, NATA Signatory.
THE FISH VET, Perth, Western Australia, AUSTRALIA. 

Mobile Aquatic Veterinary Medical & Diagnostic Services.
Ph: +61 (0)421 822 383


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