Proposed additions to the Noxious Fish List – WA.

Below is a message from Ms Claire Taylor (Translocation Officer for Department of Fisheries), :

"As part of a national strategy to prevent non-native, ornamental fish getting into Australia’s waters and damaging our aquatic habitats and native species, the Department of Fisheries is considering adding another group of fish species to Western Australia’s Noxious (banned) Fish List.

Most of the species proposed are not expected to be kept or traded in WA, as they have little or no commercial, industry or hobby value. However, we want to make sure fish owners have been properly consulted before progressing with any noxious fish list additions.

Please see the following link for a list of the proposed species:

The consultation period ends 15 February 2016. Please email any comments or
queries to:”

Under the Fish Resources Management Act 1994 you must not do the following with any noxious fish:

-Keep, breed, hatch or culture them;
-Have them in your possession;
consign or convey them;
-Release them into any waters; or
-Put them into a container or receptacle in which they might remain alive.

Penalties of $10,000 and above apply for possessing or releasing noxious fish.




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