The Fish Vet Diagnostics offers laboratory testing for your fish or aquaculture farm, nationally.

Usually, when one fish is sick, it’s just a matter or time till the rest get sick and die.

In my experience, they don’t get better on their own.

At TheFishVet, we now offer laboratory testing Australia-wide, namely histopathology, bacteriology and molecular diagnostics.

Please see my blog and video on how to perform a fish necropsy –

Samples necessary for a diagnosis include:

1. water (source & tank),
2. wet preparations of gill biopsy and skin mucus scrape (you test on site, and send pictures and video on USB or Dropbox)*,
3. dry smears of gill biopsy and skin mucus scrape,
4. bacterial swabs of kidney in transport media,
5. formalin-fixed specimens, and
6. ethanol-fixed specimens*.

Request our latest TFV SERVICES MANUAL for prices by emailing thefishvet

*these items are not essential, but very helpful to have.


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