Fish Vetting Essentials – take advantage of the low AUD and Get yours today!

Tired of contradictory information overload?

The official Fish Vetting Essentials is available for sale online!

The original handbook, published in 2007, is widely used in veterinary schools, labs, clinics and even zoos.

Like many of you, I’ve found that reliable information on fish health, disease and medicine are difficult to come by and is at best, fragmented. This book has been in preparation since 2001, and it is a compilation of essential information for veterinarians to successfully and confidently attend to fish patients – in particular, how to diagnose common fish diseases, how to medicate and treat fish diseases using drugs available in their surgery. It is also of value to advanced aquarists, fish farmers, retailers and wholesalers. Also, it would be useful at times when a fish veterinarian may not be available locally, pet fish owners may bring this book along with them to a general veterinary practitioner. This book is recommended reading for the WAVMA (World Aquatic Veterinary Medical Association) Credentialing Certification, and also for the Membership Examinations in Aquatic Animal Health at the Australian and New Zealand College of Veterinary Scientists.

The is a comprehensive resource that incorporates elements of fish keeping, clinical medicine and fish pathology.

Important information for fish health practitioners in this edition include:
• how to diagnose common fish diseases
• how to medicate fish
• how to treat fish diseases using drugs available in your surgery.

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Book testimonials :

Once in a while comes a book that has the potential to become indispensable to zoos and aquariums.
Pet Scandinavia
Mr Svein A. Fosså


I highly recommend Fish Vetting Essentials as a concise, easy to follow reference for both vets in practice and veterinary students. It provides excellent information on fish husbandry, disease diagnosis and treatment, supported by colour photos. A must have for any vet with an interest in fish.

Dr Kristin Warren
Senior Lecturer in Wildlife and Zoo Medicine
Academic Chair, Postgraduate Studies in Conservation Medicine
School of Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences
Faculty of Health Sciences, Murdoch University,


As a veterinary clinician with an interest in the “unusual and exotic” fish species, I am frequently asked to consult with clients who present their fish for examination, diagnosis and treatment. I have an extensive medical library, and my 2007 copy of Australian Fish Vetting Essentials is by far the most useful reference on fish diseases and fish treatments.

I eagerly await the 2011 edition and hope my fellow veterinary clinicians who have an interest in fish diagnosis and treatment will join me in being one of the first to buy this essential resource for the reference shelf.

Dr James M Harris BSc, DVM, FRSPH
Mayfair Veterinary Clinic
Sandy Bay, Tasmania


I use “Australian Fish Vetting Essentials” as my first reference for matters pertaining to aquatic animal health. Its clear, concise layout and colour photographs make it a highly practical source of information, and the local perspective on diseases and taxa relevant to Australia is particularly valuable. The information on diagnostic sample collection and treatment is easy to follow and has enabled us to develop the skills necessary to manage disease cases in fish effectively.

I highly recommend “Australian Fish Vetting Essentials” for veterinarians dealing with aquatic species.

Dr Simone Vitali BSc, BVMS, PhD, MACVS (Zoo Animal Medicine)
Senior Veterinarian
Perth Zoo


I have owned a veterinary general practice for 30 years and my copy of Australian Fish Vetting Essentials (2007) has been an excellent resource for me when I am asked to treat exotic aquarium fish.

Previously the only readily available information on treating and diagnosing fish were anecdotal, unreliable and outdated popular press publications or high-end scientific material that was not useful from a practical point of view.

Australian Fish Vetting Essentials is concisely written and contains everything a general practitioner needs to take a logical, helpful approach to aquarium fish problems.

Dr Owen Lavers BVSc
Earlville Vet Surgery
Cairns, Queensland


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