Fish are easy first pets… Really? Not!

What’s often the first pet many people recommend for beginners? A dog, a cat or a horse? You never hear such answers. What’s more common is, fish.

I was talking to a student this morning and it occurred to us that “fish keeping is easy”, is a very common misconception.

How easy can a pet be, that can just die on you in less than a month? No other pet can be more foreign to us, as air-breathing, land-dwelling beings, than fish.

We ask you these questions…
What pet needs life support systems as complex as the hospital’s intensive care unit? What pet needs their water to be monitored more closely than your average swimming pool? What pet has disease that can wipe out entire populations within the space of days? What pet needs food with energy contents higher than elite athletes? The list continues.

Fish are no simple creatures. They are not simply easy.

Bit if you keep them well, you can lean back, relax and enjoy their beauty and unique behaviours.


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