A study on spinal deformity in koi carp by Hui Nee Chin.

Southern Branch KSWA meeting – Wed 26 August

Dr Richmond Loh (The Fish Vet) has organised for one of his vet students to make a presentation on Spinal Deformities. Hui Nee Chin is originally from Melbourne, where she completed a Bachelor of Environmental Science (Marine Biology) and is currently a final year veterinary student at Murdoch University.

A study on spinal deformity in koi carp: Adult koi with spinal deformities were sampled from private collections. These koi were presenting with difficulties swimming, were showing changes in swimming behaviour and had visible spinal deformities. After euthanasia, radiographs of each koi were taken at the Veterinary Hospital at Murdoch University. Bony changes suggestive of congenital abnormalities and degenerative changes were found. The cause is unknown, however a variety of factors are known to cause spinal deformities in fish. These will be presented.

7:30pm, Wednesday 26 August 2015
South Perth Rotary Hall, Sandgate St, South Perth.


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